Seniors need to get the proper exercise to help them maintain mobility and their health. Unfortunately, fear of embarrassment from incontinence issues can discourage them from getting out and exercising. Finding the right incontinence products can help them stay active.

Some seniors stay in their homes and close to their bathrooms because they are having challenges with their bodily functions. What they once took for granted, making it to the bathroom on time, can become a difficult and even impossible task.

We all know how important exercise is and that if we don’t stay active we will lose mobility, balance and strength. The old adage “use it or lose it” is a great truism when it comes to exercise. Therefore, it is extremely important that seniors find a way to keep moving and exercising. And, for many seniors a big part of this means trusting their incontinence products.

Sometimes all that is needed are liners. Liners come in many different sizes from about 5.5’’x10” all the way to 18”x36”. The smaller liners offer enough protection for small urinary leaks whereas the large liners have enough absorbency and coverage to protect more serious incontinence issues.

Adult pull-ups would be the next step up in protection. They are designed like underwear. The wearer steps into them and pulls them on like a pair of underwear but they protect like a diaper. They are excellent when moderate protection is needed while still maintaining a look and feel that is similar to underwear. This can help the wearer feel better about the whole situation of needing an incontinence product in the first place which can help keep people to have the motivation to stay active.

The last product to try would be an adult diaper, also called an adult brief. These are designed just like a baby diaper with tabs on the sides to secure it. In order to use these while exercising it is highly recommended that the tabs be refastenable. With some adult diapers the tabs are not designed to be refastened. And, when they are being used while exercising this can be a drawback because the wearer may feel the need to readjust the fit during or after exercising. If the diaper cannot be refastened then the wearer must discard it for a new one even if it is not yet soiled.

The main point is to keep active. And, for the incontinent having the correct incontinence products that you can trust is a major factor that must be addressed. Taking the time to find the best products for each individual is always worth the time.

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