One of the best forms of adult incontinence protection is to delay incontinence from the beginning. In the United States about 11 million women have issues with incontinence. Of women from the ages of 30-59, one in four have experienced incontinence.

Many women live with incontinence because they think it is an unavoidable part of growing older or they are too embarrassed to mention it to their doctors. But, there is help. Kegel exercises were developed specifically as adult incontinence protection for women.

The simple exercises help women regain control of their bladder by strengthening the muscles of their pelvic floor, called the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. Doing Kegel exercises is a very effective form of adult incontinence protection for women.

When women strengthen their PC muscles they can delay or avoid incontinence, and even hemorrhoids. PC muscles are often weakened by giving birth, or hormones or simply with age. As the PC muscles weaken they no longer to support the bladder sufficiently, gravity comes into play and the bladder “sags.” As a result angle of the “bladder neck” shifts and the result is incontinence issues.

By doing Kegel exercises women are able to employ the best adult incontinence protection. The kegel exercises strengthen their PC muscles and this keeps their bladder in the correct position and keeps the urethral or anal muscles (known as sphincters) strong and effective.

These simple exercises can prevent or delay incontinence for women. By using them women can even avoid the need for the far more invasive treatment of costly and painful surgery. Adult incontinence protection is the not the only benefit of doing Kegel exercises.

Another side benefit is enjoying sex more. Dr Kegel reported that women who did Kegel exercises regularly also had more satisfying sex. The PC muscles are the ones that contract during a woman’s orgasm so another benefit of doing kegel exercises is that women have more organisms that are stronger and happen more easily.


1.) Identify your PC muscles by stopping your urine flow while you are eliminating. Please do not do this more than is necessary to learn which are your pelvic floor muscles as doing this repeatedly is not good for you.

2.) Tighten PC muscles, count to 10 and release.

3.) Repeat 50 times 3X/day.


1) Quickly tighten and release PC muscles as many times as you can as quickly as you can. Work your way up to 100 times in a row.

2) Repeat 3X/day.