Incontinence Products for Dealing with Body Odor from Incontinence Diapers

No one wants to worry about whether or not they have body odor from soiled incontinence diapers. Keep these tips in mind to keep any embarrassing odor at bay.

Take steps to reduce the odor of your urine. The more you can reduce the odor of your urine the less odor your incontinence diapers and pads will have. Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, will reduce the strength and therefore the odor of your urine. Many people with incontinence tend to restrict their fluid intake because they think that if they drink less they will have fewer accidents, use fewer incontinence diapers and reduce other potential problems.

The reality is that restricting your fluid intake is unhealthy and can lead to other health problems like urinary tract infections. So, drink plenty of fluid throughout the day until dinnertime to reduce the odor of your urine and to stay healthy. At dinnertime you can start to cut back so you can go to bed with a fairly empty bladder.

If you think the odor of your incontinence diapers is strong check with your doctor. You could have an urinary tract infection (UTI). UTI’s can be common in people with incontinence and they generally will make your urine smell strong and bad.

Think about what foods you are eating that you have noticed may be contributing to your urine’s odor. No. You are not crazy. Foods affect each person differently and some foods are known contributors to strong urine smell. For example, asparagus is known to give urine a strong and particular odor in some people. Coffee is also a possible culprit. Keep a food diary and notice and eliminate foods that are adding strong odors to your incontinence diapers Speaking of foods.

Drink cranberry juice. Cranberry juice will increase the acidity of your urine, which naturally reduces its odor and helps protect you from UTI’s. Just make sure it is 100% cranberry juice and has no additives, especially sugar! You can also buy cranberry juice supplements. Cranberry juice supplements are often more manageable because it can be difficult to regularly drink enough cranberry juice to get the desired effect and it can get expensive.

Consider taking tablets specifically designed to neutralize urine odor like Derifil and Nullo. Vitamin C can have the same urine neutralizing effect. Check with your doctor though and make sure she knows what you are taking because anything, including vitamin C, can interact with other medications you are taking. And, be careful not to try substituting citrus fruits or juices because they can actually increase bladder irritation and cause more odor in your incontinence diapers. Don’t forget to keep yourself clean. Wash yourself regularly.

Consider installing a bidet or one of the new bidet systems that can be installed right into your toilet. Also, there are perineal cleansers that can be used to make this process much easier. They even come in no rinse versions. Or, you can even use wipes to clean yourself which are easy to keep in a purse, briefcase or pocket.

Wash and change your underwear daily. You can use natural enzymes (you can find these at the pet store) and even vinegar in your washer to keep any odors from staying in your clothes. Be wary of perfumes in your detergent as they can be irritating and can cause UTI’s. Also, they only cover-up odors and you want them eliminated. Check to see if you are using odor reducing incontinence diapers and products.

Most good incontinence products will have a substance that helps keeps odors from forming. Agin, be sure it is a neutralizing substance not a perfume that is only meant to cover-up odors. Remember to ask a trusted relative or friend if you have an issue with odor. You won’t always be able to tell. Once you know for sure you can address the problem, keep your incontinence diapers odor-free and feel confident again.